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Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Recipe for Change, ala Barack Obama

Satire By John Lillpop

Barack Obama has released a recipe for Change that will lead America out of the wilderness created by George W. Bush and the Republicans, and will set the nation on the path to eternal milk and honey.

Obama Change Stew is the perfect dish to serve at same sex weddings, late-term abortion baby showers, assisted suicide going away parties and US military surrender ceremonies.

This delicacy is best if served with fresh pot, cocaine, and or heroin in recyclable mud bowls labeled "GD America!" in Arabic.

Serves 300 million for four years. Discard at end of term; do not reheat.



Hate America red meat Sautéed in Marxism and Jihad

Inexperience, poor judgment, lack of significant achievement

Overdone audacity and raw arrogance

Appeasement olive branches

Bilingual mumbo gumbo

Anti-filibuster voter fraud

Kosher Ham

Dessert: Rainbow ice cream topped with chopped black nuts


Add to large, green melting pot after removing all Bush residue. Allow ingredients to simmer naturally in sunlight, use no cooking methods that might cause global warming.

Stir often, bring mix to full boil by occasionally adding allegations of racism and bigotry, according to poor taste.

Blend in divisiveness and class warfare for added spice.

For consumers in South Los Angeles, substitute Jalepeno peppers (from Mexico) for Hate America red meat.

Serve with ice cold People's Temple Kool-Aide.

Note: Diverse ingredients subject to constant change without advance notice.