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Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's the SUPPLY, Stupid!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to the Democrat Party and RINOs. the energy "crisis" cannot be solved by sticking one's head in the sand and pretending that the automobile is a right-wing fad that will die out once Americans discover the incredible joy of mass transit and walking.

Further, the following "solutions" are NOT solutions at all:

* Raising federal, tax, and local taxes on gas;

* Forcing Americans out of their automobiles;

* Lowering the speed limit to 55 mph;

*Outlawing SUVs, Hummers, and other Luxury vehicles in America;

*Bombing automobile factories in India and China;

* Bringing the troops home from Iraq so as to divert one half trillion dollars to research Polar bear urine as an alternative energy source.

While each of the above may have had merit 80 years ago, none is practical in 21st century America.

Again, the solution is to drill. drill, drill, and drill! And go nuclear! And add refining capacity!

In other words, it's the supply stupid!