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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary? Now THAT Is Change!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Count me among those guilty of discounting and making light of President-elect Barack Obama's naive hyperbole about CHANGE.

Change this, change that, change, change, and more change!


As it turns out, Obama's passion and obsession with Change is far more insidious than originally thought, a fact that became quite obvious with the latest news flash from the Obama Transition Team:

The Messiah has nominated a tax cheat and employer of illegal aliens to be Secretary of the Treasury!

Now THAT is Change, brother. Unfortunately, it is of the type that America neither needs nor wants!

In his defense, Obama was no doubt confused by the behavior of the current thief in charge of our money, the unlovable Hank Paulson, and thought that a confirmed tax evader and employer of illegal aliens would fit right in at Treasury!

As reported at (1), in part:

"At the end of a nearly seamless transition, President-elect Barack Obama has been buffeted by a string of embarrassing jolts within the space of two weeks.

"The disclosure Tuesday that his choice for treasury secretary, New York Federal Reserve chief Timothy Geithner, failed to pay $34,000 in taxes and employed a housekeeper without proper immigration papers was another jarring distraction just days before Obama's inauguration — and raises fresh questions about his team's judgment, vetting procedures and political sensitivities.

"Senate Democratic leaders and Obama transition officials immediately voiced confidence in Geithner and called for his quick confirmation once Obama is sworn in and is able to formally nominate him--citing the important role Geithner will play in dealing with one of the nation's severest recessions in decades.

"But the delinquent-tax part of the new disclosure, in particular, is a huge liability for Geithner, given that as treasury secretary he would oversee the Internal Revenue Service."

Democrats argue that, as Treasury Secretary, Geithner would be in charge of making sure that other people, especially rich Republicans, pay their taxes!

They also argue that one need not actually pay taxes to prosecute others, a knot headed mindset which is completely consistent with liberal thinking on taxes and elitist privilege.

It is similar to the liberal insanity which holds that one need not pay taxes in order to qualify for government refunds, although it helps to be a protected minority, handicapped, gay or lesbian, or in possession of another defect that immediately identifies one as a Democrat.

As to the illegal alien kerfuffle, Democrats point out that amnesty would have passed last year had it not been for racist Republicans! Blame the GOP, not Geithner, for the mess that his Mexican house slave is in!

As a tax cheat and employer of illegal aliens, Geithner is the perfect liberal and agent for change in the Obama circus act!

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