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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Delay of Digital Television: Based on Racism?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of my adult life, I was of the belief that I had seen every thing. Here in the vast wasteland of liberalism, not a day goes by without witnessing one bizarre act or acts by crazy liberals who would be locked up, except for the fact that the courts, police, government, and mental institutions are all manned and or womaned by the insane and incompetent.

That is California liberalism, plain and simple.

However, my incredulity index was blown off the charts by a local telecast which discussed the looming delay in the conversion of American television from analog to digital, scheduled to take place on February 17, about one month from now.

This delay, in reality a product of the Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tandem in Congress, was being portrayed as particularly hideous to Chinese seniors living in San Francisco.

According to the liberal broadcaster, one of President Bush's final criminal acts was to spend just enough bail out money on Wall Street and Detroit so as to force the FCC to renege on the digital conversion date. The liberal station reported that W.'s motive was to irritate San Franciscans in general, and elderly Chinese in particular.

A noxious mix of racism and ageism as his last official act? Sounds just like our goofy president.

W.'s malicious intent apparently reached "Mission Accomplished" status when thousands of non-English speaking Chinese seniors descended on various public service groups with TV Converter Box Coupons (worth $40 each) in hand, only to be told that because of W.'s wasteful spending, the conversion program had been delayed.

The unanswered question is: What next?

How can the FCC and the government let these non-English citizens, many of whom are allegedly here legally, know when the program is rescheduled?

A simple solution might be to stage a few public service announcements in Chinese for the benefit of the subject seniors.

The Chinese script below is a first draft of what the FCC might consider in this public service gesture.

Because I do not speak, write, or understand any Chinese whatsoever, I was forced to rely on a neighbor to interpret this script.

According to Lo, this ad reads, "New Digital Conversion date is now May 17, 2009," or "China's oppression of Tibet sucks!"

Actually, PC pandering sucks! Learn English, or to hell with you and your analog television!