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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Democrats Pass Torch to New Generation: Feminism Vanquished!

By John W. Lillpop

June 3, 2008 will go into the annals of political history as the date on which an inexperienced and unqualified young black man from Illinois wrestled control of the national Democrat Party away from an aging feminist and her morally corrupt spouse.

On this memorable date, Barack Hussein Obama officially dispensed with Bill and Hillary Clinton and their "comeback" nonsense, signifying that the torch of power and influence has been passed to a new generation of American liberals.

It would be wonderful to congratulate Barack Obama and his followers for ridding America of the Clinton man-wife tag team, best known for being congenital liars and leftist fascists intent on bringing anarchy and evil back to the Oval Office.

Unfortunately for America and the republic, the Obama torchbearers are equally, or even more, intent on destroying America as are the Clintons.

Still, the Obama revolution has precipitated the long overdue decline and demise of feminist extremism in America. For that, America can offer a tip of the hat to that inexperienced and unqualified black man.

Because of Barack Obama, the American presidency continues to be a "Men Only Need Apply" position, even though Obama himself is not the man that America desperately needs as our 44th president.