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Monday, June 30, 2008

Feminist Author of "She Inc." Not Celebrating Hillary's Demise?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Whether or not one is a feminist has more to do with what is lodged between one's ears than what is dangling, or not, between one's legs.

Kenneth J. Gross, author of "She Inc.," a sort of perverted wish list for feminist fascists seeking to take over the globe via group Vagina channeling, is a perfect example.

We understand that Gross is indeed a male feminist, a sell out to the darker side of humanity. The anti- Jetti in the war between the sexes, is he, to paraphrase Yoda.

Mind you, Gross's breezy little novel is entertaining and captivating, provided one hates the natural order of things, ergo, male superiority and dominance in all of life's war zones.

To chagrined feminists suffering from psychic abuse, real or imagined, at the hands of men, Gross weaves a fanciful tale which enables forlorn old maids, and young, unattractive ones, to escape reality through Pat Stenson and her five bosom buddies.

Using their superior brains and fertile uteruses in a joint venture known as "She Inc.," Stenson and friends work tirelessly and ruthlessly toward their goal of replacing male dominance with female fascism.

Not a particularly noble calling, but for some women She Inc., is about as close as they will ever come to self-actualization and real power.

Although Gross is not likely to win any awards for writing excellence, he does deserve some credit for being masterfully clairvoyant:

She Inc.,
hit the book stands just as Hillary's Clinton fairy tale about becoming the first woman to serve as president of these United States was about to bear fruit.

The derailing of Hillary's Oval Office scheme by a young black man with Muslim first, middle, and last names must have distressed Gross to no end; it could not have happened to a more deserving scalawag.

As it turns out, the fruit reaped from the tree of Hillary was nothing but sour grapes.

Still, Gross can celebrate in the knowledge that Hillary's aborted presidential campaign will cause millions of distressed feminists to seek solace in chocolate, shopping, and fictional accounts of women with power.

That being the case, it could be quite a boom year for Gross and She Inc. after all!