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Friday, August 08, 2008

At Least John Edwards Did Not Lie Under Oath!

By John W. Lillpop

With all the bloody infighting, back stabbing, and nut cutting going on between Democrats these days, it is questionable whether this party of asses can survive long enough to hold their convention in Denver on August 25-28.

In the latest kerfuffel, former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted to an extramarital affair with one Rielle Hunter. Ever conscious of his image, Edwards made sure to point out that his tryst with Hunter happened while wife Elizabeth's cancer was in remission.

That is sure to endear the jerk to hypocritical liberals eager to point out that Republican Newt Gingrich dumped his wife while she was being treated in a hospital.

However, other Democrats are wondering if Edwards should skip this convention, thereby saving the party loads of bad PR and embarrassment in an extremely tight election cycle.

Hoever, there is a complication: Democrats have just agreed to let Slick Willie, the president, sex addict, and perjurer who gave us "I did not have sex with that woman," address the conventioneers during prime time.

On what basis, then, can the asses deny Edwards the right to make a fool of himself in front of party faithful and millions of television viewers?

John Edwards has another distinct moral advantage over Slick Willie: He did not lie under oath!

In fact, the rising star, now in descent, let it all hang out when he said, in part, the following:

"If you want to beat me up – feel free. You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself. I have been stripped bare and will now work with everything I have to help my family and others who need my help."*

Given that naked mea culpa, I say kick Slick Willie off the stage and let John Edwards have his say.

After all, a humble Democrat willing to be beaten up may be just what voters are lusting for in 2008!