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Monday, November 10, 2008

Local Politician Imitates D.C. Democrats: Pees on Crowd!

Satire by John "Kakistos" Lillpop

New Jersey City councilman Steve Lipski did what Democrats in Washington, D.C. have been doing to the unwashed masses for decades: He urinated on them!

As reported by Fox5 News, "Lipski was in Washington, D.C. to see a Grateful Dead tribute band and was spotted relieving himself by one of the club's staffers around 9:50 p.m., club sources told the Daily News. He was charged with simple assault."

However, unlike most Democrats in this town, Lipski has taken personal responsibility for his behavior, and is striving to prove himself better than the likes of William Jefferson, Charles Rangel, and others who wallow in the muck of Nancy Pelosi's "Culture of Corruption."

The FOX5 News report continues, "I've resolved not to touch alcohol again," two-term Jersey City councilman Steve Lipski told the Fox 5 New York.

"He went on to say that the incident was "deeply humiliating, very embarrassing" and troubling," the Daily News reported."

Deeply humiliating, very embarrassing and troubling: That pretty much says it all about the Democrat party, councilman!