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Monday, December 15, 2008

New York Governor Paterson Fails to See Humor in SNL Skit

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Just a few short months ago, Tina Fey and the SNL satirical writers were having a ball portraying Governor Sarah Palin as an empty headed dim wit who gunned down innocent mooses (sic) for the sheer joy of killing something.

When a conservative Republican was being carved up, the SNL team was hailed as brilliant purveyors of humor by mainstream media and other leftists who chortled with delight at each wound inflicted on Governor Palin.

However, laughter and chortling are no where to be found these days, now that SNL assassins have set their sights on a blind person of color with adultery and drug abuse in his dossier, and who just happens to be a liberal Democrat and governor of New York state.

That would be Governor David Paterson, a legally blind man who took over for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer, another Democrat, earlier this year.

In an SNL skit aired last Saturday, Governor Paterson was portrayed by SNL's Fred Armisen as a bumbling man, totally unqualified to serve as governor.

See the entire SNL skit (1)

Armisen's performance was unarguably very funny and the studio audience seemed to enjoy the edgy humor.

However, not everyone was amused.

As reported at Yahoo news (2), "The National Federation of the Blind issued a statement calling the characterization 'absolutely wrong' and criticized the show for playing up the stereotype that blind people are 'incapable of simple tasks.'

"Meanwhile, Governor Paterson's office issued a statement that the show should be able to 'find a way to be funny without being offensive.' "

Come on, people, get with the program!

The reason that skit about Governor Paterson was so funny is because it was edgy!

Just like the skits about Governor Palin had people laughing out loud and rolling in the aisles!

To those who believe that mocking a vision impaired governor is pushing the envelope too far, a question:

Does political correctness require that blind people automatically be considered competent, capable, and doing a good job, regardless of the facts? Are there are no incompetent, inept people on the planet who also happen to be blind?

In fact, the SNL skit was about the awful state of the state that Governor Paterson has helped to create in New York State because of his liberal policies and poor management.

His lack of vision was relevant only in the context of policy and prudent government.

Even liberals should be able to see that.

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