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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Arnold Affirms Michael Savage on College Aid For Illegal Aliens!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Although Governor Schwarzenegger did not suggest that protesting illegal alien students should be allowed to starve, he did, in fact, side with Michael Savage on the issue of college aid for criminal invaders.

To his credit, the governor vetoed the moronic bill written by State Senator Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles. Arnold did so despite (or because of) the widely publicized endorsement by Barack Obama, the clean and articulate African-American running for the United States presidency.

No comment was forthcoming from the other African-American presidential hopeful, the unlovable Reverend Al Sharpton, who may or may not be clean and articulate, depending on the mood and amount of hallucinatory medicines in the blood of Senator Joe Biden at any given moment.

By executing his constitutional duties with common sense on this issue, Governor Schwarzenegger has demonstrated that he retains the occasional ability to act on behalf of California citizens, rather than invading criminals.

The governor's part-time advocacy for American and Californian citizens is about the best that can be expected, given his unfortunate, unwise, and imprudent marriage to a Kennedy Klan Kommunist, the unlovable Marie Shriver.

Political pundits will note that the governor took out his veto pen on Sunday morning. Clearly, Schwarzenegger decided on a Sunday veto in order to avoid spending another lonely Saturday night on a loveless couch in the governor's mansion in Sacramento.

Marie Shriver knows how to get her way, don't you know?

In any event, ya' did good on this one, Arnold. Pity you lost your way on the screwy bill that prohibits landlords from verifying immigration status.

Still, perhaps a bill will make it's way to your desk next year to "terminate" that legislative disaster.

If so, please remember that your best thinking takes place on Sunday mornings, when Marie's powers of persuasion are not quite so overwhelming!