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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Team Obama "Truth Squad" Nails Bill Clinton!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Proving that not all Change is necessarily a good thing, some powerful Democrats in Missouri have taken the unprecedented step of forming "Truth Squads" to protect Barack Obama from "false criticisms."

Television station KMOV has aired a story alleging that two St. Louis County Circuit Attorneys are threatening to bring criminal libel charges against anyone who levels what turns out to be false criticisms of their chosen candidate for President, that of course being Barack Obama.

The mind boggles at the potential for abuse, especially since the Truth Squad appears to be on the prowl only for false criticisms aimed at the Democrat. Locals are apparently free to lambaste John McCain with lies at will.

Again, liberal insanity makes national headlines.

With the U.S. economy in meltdown, Russia invading Latin America, and the Chinese implementing population control with poison milk, there is hardly enough news to keep news junkies satisfied.

Team Obama Truth Squads could fill the news gap with some outrageous hilarity during the 40 odd days left until the election.
For instance, suppose that Bill Clinton decided to stump for Obama in St. Louis.

Suppose also that Bubba inadvertently repeats his "fairy tale" comment about the Obama candidacy, hastening the following emergency call:


Operator? This is a powerful attorney and I am reporting an emergency. Barack Obama has been libeled-- we need an armed police response now!

9-11 Operator:

Please remain calm, sir. Did I understand you to say that Barack Obama has been criticized publicly? What exactly was said and by whom?

Bill Clinton, racist and known enemy of all black people, said that Obama is chasing a "fairy tale" by running for president!

9-11 Operator:

Oh, my goodness. That is serious--and probably above my
pay grade! Is this Clinton fellow armed?


No, he is anti-gun, remember? Please get the police over to
KMOV studios immediately. We have to stomp out this hate speech before it spreads to other TV stations!

9-11 Operator:

Sir, I have seven squad cars rolling that way as we speak. Do your best to restrain this Clinton nut until the men in Blue arrive. And thank you for calling 9-11!

Within minutes, 20 of St. Louis' best and brightest arrive with weapons flashing. They quickly surround Bubba and order him to surrender or face the consequences.

As the KMOV cameras roll, Slick Willie gives in, is handcuffed, shoved into a police car, and hauled to the nearest police precinct in downtown St. Louis.

At the police station, Slick Willie demands that his right to make one telephone call be honored.

Obama's Truth Squad advises Slick that all phones are busy and will not be back in service until 8 AM, November 5, at which time he will be free to make one local call.

That, my fellow Americans, is Truth and the American way from the "Show Me!" state of Missouri!