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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Decline and Fall of Obama-Mania

By John W. Lillpop

Howls of protest and anguish from those who voted for Barack Obama are starting to pierce a hole in that media-created bubble of naive hope and fairy tale thinking, commonly known as Obamamania.

After allowing President Obama nearly a fortnight in which to bring much needed CHANGE to their lives, the unwashed masses are growing agitated with the lack of actual change. De ja vu all over again is NOT cool!

The Winter of Obama's Discontent began on February 2, the first date on which grandiose CHANGES promised by the Messiah were to take effect and bless the hearts of Obamamania loyalists.

Alas, despite all the promises and hype sold as hope, millions of the Obama faithful were rudely awakened by a plethora of unwelcome leftovers from the Bush monarchy, including:

*Mortgage payments were still due and payable.

*Amounts owed to mortgage holders were not reduced to reflect the significant deterioration in actual home values, and interest rates were not cut to zero;

*Homeowners in default continued to receive nasty notes from nasty lenders threatening to initiate foreclosure actions;

*Health insurers continued to demand huge sums of money for medical coverage that was supposed to be free, courtesy of Barack Obama;

*Taxpayers owing back taxes continued to receive harassing telephone calls and frightening certified mail from the IRS, even after tax cheat Timothy Gaithner took over at Treasury, and tax cheat Tom Daschle was working on taking over at HHS;

*Gasoline prices continued to increase, almost on a daily basis;

*Obama's two daughters attend an exclusive private school in Washington, D.C., something one would expect from a Republican white male with red neck tendencies, but not from a brother; and

*February 17 is still the date on which digital TV with replace analog, except now the government is not giving away a $40 coupon for the converter box.

All in all, a most dismal start to what was supposed to be a spiritual revolution that would free the unwashed masses from the unfair oppression of individual responsibility!