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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dubya Calls Pope "Holy Pontificator"

Satire By John Lillpop

Greeting the pope in Vatican City is a high privilege and distinct honor. Catholics believe that the pope is the head of the Christian church and represents Christ Himself here on earth.

Those fortunate enough to meet personally with the pope are obligated to follow certain protocol, including the title used to address the pontiff.

The customary greeting is "His Holiness" in honor of the pope's high place in Christian hierarchy.

Unfortunately, our Dubya got his words confused and called the pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, "Mr. Pontificator" in the Vatican on Saturday.

Actually, it was not quite that bad, but Bush did ruffle a few feathers when he called the pope "sir" rather than His Holiness. See the article below.


Contrary to Bush bashing leftists in the media, Bush did not ask to meet the Cardinals in order to get in some scouting for the Texas Rangers baseball team during his spare time!

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