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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

San Francisco Home to King and Queen of Corruption

By John W. Lillpop

With his prodigious home run in San Francisco on August 7, Barry Bonds became the most prolific slugger in major league baseball history going back more than 110 years.

However, because the surly 43-year old used performance-enhancing steroids during his banner years, Bonds is also accurately known as the King of Corruption, at least to fans other than those in San Francisco.

In a post-game propaganda dance with the media after his 756th homer, Bonds was asked if the fact that his newly minted record is "tainted" makes it less valuable.

Bonds replied testily, "This record is not tainted. Not at all."

Right on, Barryoids!

How then does one explain why Peter Macgowan, managing general partner of the San Francisco Giants, was not on hand in San Diego last Saturday night when Bonds smashed homer 755?

Perhaps Macgowan was just too busy to even call his aging superstar with wishes of congratulations? Or maybe the toll call between San Francisco and San Diego was an excess that the Giants could simply not afford, especially in tight budget times brought on by paying Bonds $18 million in 2007?

And how does one explain Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig being a "no show" at the historic event? Hint: "Other, more pressing commitments," is not a believable answer.

Finally, an explanation is needed as to why Bonds' personal trainer and "friend" Greg Anderson sits in jail while Bonds blithely trashes the integrity of the greatest sport known to man.

Anderson, it will be remembered, plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute steroids and to money laundering in 2005. Anderson's current stint in jail is the result of refusing to testify before a federal grand jury that is investigating the unlovable Barry Bonds for perjury.

Only liberal loons of the type occupying San Francisco would argue that there is no link between Greg Anderson, steroids, Barry Bonds, and the all time home run record.

Of course, San Francisco's contribution to the world of sleaze is hardly limited to the world of sports. Does the name Nancy Pelosi ring a bell?

After the outrageous vote fraud perpetrated on the floor of the U.S. House on August 2, Speaker Pelosi should be regarded as the Queen of Fraud. Pelosi and her conniving liberal crooks openly stole a vote in order to give illegal aliens benefits to which they are not entitled.

Bonds and Pelosi: The King and Queen of Corruption, both proud patrons of the City that used to know how! AKA, San Francisco.

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.