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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great News: Congressional Democrats Plan Shorter Workweek

Satire By John W. Lillpop

With an 11 percent approval rating to contend with, Democrats in the U.S. House did the only thing that makes sense: They announced a 20 percent reduction in their work week!

House majority leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, made the announcement to fellow Democrats last week.

New York Times:

Hallelujah! This is the first good news to come from the People's House since it fell into enemy hands last January.

Logically speaking, the move makes perfect sense. By staying out of session, the House should theoretically do less damage to the war on terror, foreign policy and other matters constitutionally the responsibility of the executive branch.

In fact, the idea is so brilliant one cannot help but wonder why Democrats did not take it a step further. Why not convene on Fridays only?

A one-day workweek for the 110th Congress may be just what this nation needs to get steered in the right direction. I wonder if Speaker Pelosi can also convince Senate majority leader Harry Reid to implement a "Friday Only" policy for the most deliberative body on Earth?

The advantages of a Friday Only schedule are many including:

-Meddling in military affairs that are the domain of the commander-in-chief would be reduced or eliminated.

-Foreign policy matters, including how terrorist states like Syria and Iran are handled, would be left to competent professionals in the State Department rather than being botched by a leftist amateur from San Francisco.

-America's booming economy would be less vulnerable to sabotage by tax warriors like Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York) who announced plans to "reform" America's tax policy with a trillion-dollar switch and bait scheme.

("Reform" translated from guttural liberalese means higher taxes for the impoverished, much higher for the working poor, devastatingly higher for the middle class and Karl Marxish higher for the rich. "Rich" in liberal vernacular means anyone who earns enough to make it cost-effective for the IRS to seize!)

-Mindless resolutions condemning American allies for events occurring 92 years ago would not make headlines all across the globe. Thus, the explosive situation in the Middle East would not be detonated by an addled grandmother who should tend to her precious grandchildren and leave governance to intelligent professionals.

-Measures to cripple America's ability to detect and deter terrorists would not waste valuable time, thereby freeing the president and his administration to engage the enemy in the war on terror.

-Less attention would be lavished on illegal aliens and proposals to transfer wealth from American citizens to foreign invaders would cease.

All in all, when the Democrat-controlled Congress is shut down, the American people are the winners!