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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can the Feminization of Wall Street Bail Out America?

By John W. Lillpop

Those who believe that a few trillion dollars of taxpayer money is urgently needed to stimulate the listless economy and create millions of new jobs may have overlooked a much simpler, less costly solution.

According to host Robin Roberts and reporter Claire Shipman of "Good Morning America," the meltdown of America could have been avoided if estrogen, rather than testosterone, were the dominant hormone among Wall Street and Bank executives.

As reported at, in part:

"Robin Roberts and reporter Claire Shipman eagerly touted a theory, recently highlighted by a liberal New York Times columnist, that the problems on Wall Street could have been avoided if women were in charge.

As video of bank executives who testified Wednesday in front of Congress appeared onscreen, Roberts mused, "As we saw, the nation's top bankers were grilled on Capitol Hill. Take a look...What do they all have in common? Well, for one thing, they're all men."

Shipman then lectured, "Greed and glory and then risk and disaster on Wall Street. Could testosterone be to blame?"

Of course, many women enjoy speculating that there would be fewer wars, and that the world would be a "kinder, gentler" place, if only women were in charge.

However, some of the top stories making news these days make such talk seem sexist bordering on blasphemy.

Consider, for instance, the outrage that Hillary Rodham Clinton sparked when she announced that the U.S. would not allow human rights concerns to trump America's cooperation with China on the global economy and global warming.

As reported at Yahoo News, in part:

"Paying her first visit to Asia as the top US diplomat, Clinton said the United States would continue to press China on long-standing US concerns over human rights such as its rule over Tibet.

'But our pressing on those issues can't interfere on the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crisis,' Clinton told reporters in Seoul just before leaving for Beijing.

T. Kumar of Amnesty International USA said the global rights lobby was 'shocked and extremely disappointed' by Clinton's remarks."

So much for the kinder, gentler Hildabeast!

The other major story involving an estrogen-crazed politician concerns House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who took a peek at the Pope while in Rome.

Pope Benedict, leader of the male-dominated Catholic Church, chastised Pelosi for her position on abortion when he told her, "Catholic politicians have a duty to protect life at all stages of development."

One would expect a mother and grandmother (several times over) to immediately identify with and confirm the Pontiff's life-affirming sentiment.

However, Pelosi does not appear willing to alter her support for the infanticide "choice" that has cost 50 million innocent human fetuses their lives since Roe V. Wade.

Can an infusion of estrogen cure America's problems and bring about a kinder, gentler citizenry?

Not if the behaviors of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are any indication of how the "weaker sex" does things!