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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dr. Michael Savage Thrives in San Francisco!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

First it was leftist nut case and alleged child pornographer Bernie Ward whose microphone was silenced by the broadcast moguls at KGO-AM in San Francisco.

Ward, a hopeless food addict and unrepentant liberal, was unceremoniously dumped from his late night talk show and from "God Talk," his 50,000-watt, Sunday morning blasphemy, after word of his indictment on child pornography charges was made public.

Since then, Ward has shown his true colors by violating the terms of his bail and by lying to federal authorities about his whereabouts.


Ever the street hustler, Ward is reportedly working on his next radio gig, a dilly to be called "Cell Talk," which would be broadcast directly from Ward's jail cell when the exact location and term of said incarceration site is known.

For additional details, visit Ward's URL at

Just down the hall from KGO-AM is the conservative sister station, identified by the call letters KSFO, featuring the irrepressible Lee Rogers and, until yesterday, the effervescent and lovely Melanie Morgan.

Unlike Bernie Ward, Ms. Morgan does not have morals issues that preclude her employment in the ultra-high profile world of network radio.

Rather, Ms. Morgan, who was instrumental in the recall of California Governor Gray Davis and who has been indefatigable in her support for U.S. troops and in her opposition to those who fail to appropriately honor America's young men and women in harm's way, was the victim of the budget ax at KSFO.

Her contract was not renewed, a real blow to Bay Area conservatives who have counted on Morgan for inspiration and a rare pro-conservative voice in the liberal capitol of Hades, otherwise known as San Francisco.

In the case of Ward, his removal should be celebrated as a positive step, sure to clean the airwaves of lies, garbage and filth.

In the case of Melanie Morgan, Bay Area conservatives will be justified in lamenting the tragic loss of a much-needed voice of reason and sanity. She will be sorely missed.

Meanwhile, apparently oblivious to any and all of the pressures that befall fellow broadcasters in the Bay Area, Dr. Michael Savage continues unabated in his daily effort to spread truth and light throughout the God-forsaken Bay Area.

Despite concentrated attacks from CAIR, illegal alien advocates, and other anti-American terrorist groups, Savage continues to dominate in his time slot and demographic niche.

The good Doctor turns 66 years of age on March 31, but continues to outsmart, out hustle, and out perform all other talk-show hosts.

Thank God for the resilience and fortitude of Dr. Michael Savage!