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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Without Tim Russert Around, Who's in Charge of the Election?

By John W. Lillpop

Tim Russert was a great American, a man loved by nearly everyone regardless of political affiliation or ideology.

Besides being an affable, likable fellow, Tim was the consummate professional at a time when reporters and journalists are held in approximately the same public esteem as used car salesmen.

Tim Russert's integrity, truthfulness, and objectivity were never in question, so untarnished were his credentials and reputation.

However, since Russert's sudden death last Friday, America's television industry has inundated the airwaves with non-stop analysis and tributes over and over again, to such excess that Russert himself would be annoyed.

Despite television reports to the contrary, Tim Russert was mortal.

Although he expired on a Friday, no one expects that Russert will be lifted up into the heavens this Sunday morning, or on any other Sunday morning in the near future.

Tim Russert deserves to rest in peace. His surviving loved ones deserve to mourn his passing in quiet dignity.

The American people must remain strong and know that the elections are still on for November 4, and that we can and will hold important elections, even without Tim Russert around to guide us.