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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hugo Chavez Mauls Mall in Venezuela

Satire By John W. Lillpop

The entire world knows that Hugo Chavez is a despicable, loathsome fascist who cavorts with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Castro brothers, and various and sundry scalawags from Russia.

Keeping that sort of company automatically renders the chubby little dictator an ambitious, but weak minded, enemy of freedom and hope throughout the world.

However, Hugo, which describes the body type of this Hispanic knot head perfectly, appears to have pushed the envelope beyond the pale with his latest power play, an act so evil that women throughout the world are heading to Caracas en masse to teach the fool a lesson.

Chavez's misstep?

As reported by Yahoo (+), in part, "President Hugo Chavez ordered construction halted on a major shopping mall in Caracas on Sunday, saying the government will expropriate the unfinished building.

"We're going to expropriate that and turn it into a hospital -- I don't know -- a school, a university," Chavez said to applause during his Sunday television and radio program."

Clearly, the man has lost his mind, which in and of itself is not worth a great deal, but still, it was his mind.

Shutting down a shopping mall in order to create another hospital or school is unthinkable and heathen, especially just before Christmas.

Of course, Chavez justified his felons by blathering incoherent nonsense to the effect that Jesus Christ is a socialist.

Those who wistfully dream of a utopian existence under a socialist regime need to examine their souls carefully and answer this question:

If Jesus were physically here now, would shutting down a shopping mall be his top priority?

Or would the Lord move to bless all Venezuelans by exorcising a dim wit dictator from their midst as the very first order of business?

Case closed!

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